Options to Postpone Repayment

If you are experiencing hardship, a short-term forbearance may be available. Additional eligibility criteria and requirements may apply. To determine if you qualify, please call.

  • Economic Hardship - If you are experiencing unexpected financial hardship, which may include but is not limited to: illness, unplanned job loss or reduction in monthly income, or fellowship or other related certification program or residency period.

    Note, by using a deferment or forbearance, you may lose incentives related to your loan, including any interest rate discounts while in deferment or forbearance, as well as any progress towards co-signer release. Review your loan agreement for more information.

  • Natural Disaster - If your ZIP code of residence is declared as an Individual Assistance zone by FEMA due to a natural disaster

  • Military Service - You may postpone repayment of your loan(s) while you are:

    1. serving on active duty during a war or other military operation or national emergency, or

    2. performing qualifying National Guard duty during a war or other military operation or national emergency.

    You must provide MOHELA with a copy of your military orders or a written statement from your commanding or personnel officer, or you must have your commanding or personnel officer certify your service.

Important Information - All Repayment Options are approved at the discretion of the lender. An approval or denial notification will be provided by MOHELA. For approved Repayment Options, unpaid accrued interest may be capitalized at the end of any Repayment Option.